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Halogen Transformer

120V to 12V Low Voltage Halogen Lighting Transformers

Here at we have a wide range of low voltage halogen transformers, and all at unbeatable prices. We only sell the best products from leading brands so that you can be guaranteed to receive products of the highest quality. We offer quantity savings deals for anyone purchasing in bulk, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have on a product. Please click the wattage you need below.

With halogen lighting being generally more bright, more affordable and showing better color than your average incandescent lamps, they have been very quickly gaining popularity. Halogen Lamps have a wide range of purpose, from outdoor floodlighting to indoor accent lighting. For a long time they were mainly used for industrial purposes, but are now the superior form of lighting in most cases for a wide range of fittings. For most of these a halogen transformer is required to convert the high mains voltage in to the lower voltage that is needed, it also allows halogen lighting systems to produce brighter, whiter-quality light but at the same time using significantly less power than ordinary incandescent bulbs of the same wattage.

Lighting transformers have a large range of voltage, all the way from 12V to 120V. With 12v being by far the most popular, being suitable for the majority of halogen bulbs. The number of lights you can power from one single transformer depends on its power rating. You will always want to know the power consumption of the bulbs you plan to use so that you can purchase the suitable transformer.

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