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LED Lights

LED Bulbs

Lighting Emitting Diodes are the future of lighting, except for the fact they are already here. These highly efficient bulbs can be up to 80% more energy efficient than their incandescent or halogen competition. Not only that, but their average life times are up to 20 times more. One LED bulb has the potential to last over a decade without having to be replaced. The benefits don't end there though. LED bulbs contain no mercury, create very little heat output, and generally have very high color rendering index ratings, proving you with a high quality light in your home or work place.


The technology behind this massive jump forward in lighting isn't exactly new. Light Emitting Diodes were originally created long ago, and have been in use since the 60's. It has only been in the last couple of decades where people have realized the potential between the technology and have been pushing it further and further each year. Due to this constant improvement, LEDs will continue to get more efficient, they will continue to have longer life times, and their prices will continue to drop.


There are very few situations now where an LED bulb is not the best choice for your lighting needs. The whole world is slowly making the big LED transition, not just for their own wallets and purses, but because it is a much greener and environmentally friendly form of lighting. So with that in mind, please take some time to browse through our selection of LED bulbs, all from only the highest quality and most reputable brand names.

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