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Screw Base

Screw Base Compact Fluorescent

The Screw Base and Twist-Spiral Compact Fluorescents are one of the most common bulbs you'll find in homes, offices and commercial buildings. The spiral shaped bulb has become very familiar over the years, and is designed to let you have fluorescent lighting in standard E26 household sockets. These bulbs are highly energy efficient, outlive their incandescent and halogen competition and are far from being the most expensive form of lighting on the market. When it comes to pure cost efficiency, it's difficult to beat a crew type twist spiral CFL.


We stock a wide range of these mini-twist compact fluorescents. With wattages ranging from a tiny 4 all the way up to 250. You'll find we stock only the best brand names, such as Feit, TCP, Litetronics, Topstar and more. Most of these products come backed with manufacturer warranties and come offered with a wholesale discount to make those bulk buys easier.

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