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LED Reflector Floods

LED Reflector Floods

Reflector Floods work by using a reflective surface to direct and angle the produced light into varying different degrees, giving the bulbs a wide range of uses. Reflector Floods can produce very thin beams of light, known as a Spot Light, or they can produce very wide angles of light, known as a Flood Light, and everything in between.


Our LED Reflector Flood light bulbs are available in the traditional R, BR and PAR shapes. The more commonly known "R" shaped bulbs are thoroughly tried and tested over the years, but these days they are slightly outdated. The Bulged Reflectors, or "BR" for short, are the more modern choice and are quickly becoming the most popular. All our Reflector Floods come in a wide range of wattages and color temperatures, with many being dimmable and Energy Star rated. All our products come from the premier brand names in the lighting industry, such as Philips, TCP, Feit and more.

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