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400 Watt SolarMax Blue Enhanced Super Metal Halide Growth Lamp

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400 Watt SolarMax Blue Enhanced Super Metal Halide Growth Lamp

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400W MH Cool Deluxe Plant Grow Light Bulb

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Product Description

In younger plants it is the region between 380 nm - 520 nm
that is the most crucial. This region is commonly referred to as "Blue Light".
SolarMax lamps deliver 30% more "nutritious" light radiation than standard
lamps. The result - more vigorous, vegetative growth and stronger roots during
the important early stages of a plant's development. Color Temperature 7200 degree
Kelvin. In all stages of plant growth, plants need spectral energy (light)
between 400 nm - 700 nm. This is technically known as "Photosynthetically Active
Radiation" or "PAR". These combined spectral distributions provide all the light
energy needed for your plants. Balanced spectral output
Enhanced blue component promotes vegetative & growth stages
Rich blue content for healthy vegetative growth
Highest PAR rating of all HID sources
Long life, economical.


Solar Max
Order Code
400 Watt
36000 Lumens
Life Hours
Mogul Base (E39)
Bulb Type

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